Structured Cabling

The Roots of Every Network

Think of copper cables as the tree roots of any computer network. These cables are the pathways that are responsible for traffic to travel to and from your workstations. We utilize the highest quality materials available in order to carry the fastest speeds possible across your network. Our trained specialists will help you plan your network map, and decide where and how many cables you’ll need to be the most cost effective. Our comm rooms are always kept tidy and clean, avoiding that “black hole” of a closet feeling. Our service technicians always conform with city building and fire codes so that you’ll never have a problem. We test every single cable and jack termination before the completion of any job, so you’ll never have to worry about cable failure.

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Plan For Future Growth

Planning for future growth while cabling a new building is crucial because it ensures the infrastructure can accommodate evolving technological needs without requiring costly and disruptive upgrades later on. This foresight allows the network to handle increased traffic, new devices, and advanced applications as the company expands​. Future-proofing the network also involves installing sufficient switch infrastructure to support Power Over Ethernet (POE) devices, which are becoming increasingly common in modern workplaces. By planning for scalability, businesses can easily integrate new technologies such as VoIP phones, security cameras, and wireless access points without significant reconfiguration. This approach not only reduces downtime and operational disruptions but also provides a more reliable and efficient network that can support growth and innovation​

Clean Cable Management

Clean cable management in a communications room is essential for maintaining an efficient, reliable, and secure network environment. Properly organized cables reduce the risk of accidental disconnections and hardware failures, which can lead to costly downtime and disruptions to business operations. It also simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance, allowing technicians to quickly identify and resolve issues without navigating through a tangled mess of wires. We take cable management very seriously on our installs. You can rest assured that you’re comm room will look clean, organized, and tidy.

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Have Questions?

We’re happy to speak with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your current network and its functionality. 


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