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Full Industrial IT Management

At JC Data Solutions, we specialize in Industrial IT management, tailored to meet the demanding needs of sectors such as mining, manufacturing, and construction. Our expertise ensures robust, scalable, and secure IT infrastructures that can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. We integrate advanced technologies with industrial equipment to support real-time data acquisition, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain stringent safety and regulatory compliance. Our seamless connectivity solutions ensure your industrial operations run smoothly and securely. With our proactive approach, including remote monitoring and onsite support, we minimize downtime and optimize productivity. We’re comfortable finding unique solutions to unique problems that often arise in these environments, making us your trusted partner for industrial IT excellence.

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Endlessly Scaleable Infrustructure

Maintaining a scalable infrastructure in an industrial environment is crucial for ensuring that your operations can grow and adapt to future demands without compromising performance or functionality. By planning for scalability from the outset, you can avoid costly and disruptive upgrades later on. This involves choosing technologies and architectures that support both horizontal and vertical scaling, such as cloud computing and modular network designs.

In an industrial setting, having a scalable infrastructure means accommodating the unique requirements of industrial processes, which often involve high data throughput and robust performance metrics. Implementing strategies like distributed architecture and load balancing helps in efficiently managing increased network traffic and ensuring high availability. Moreover, adopting practices such as continuous monitoring and performance optimization can proactively address scalability challenges, preventing bottlenecks and ensuring smooth operations​.

Responsive & Fast

When it comes to operational efficiency, network speed is important. A network that runs quickly will keep your employees engaged in their tasks, and a network that is slow to load will cause them to get distracted while they wait for things to load.

Daily Backups

We genuienly want to make sure your data is backed up and secure. We understand that it is in both our customers, as well as our own best interest to keep servers backed up so that in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, we always have a backup to restore to.

Hardened equipment

Using hardened equipment in an industrial environment is crucial for ensuring reliability and durability. These devices are built to withstand extreme conditions like temperature, dust, moisture, and vibrations, reducing downtime and maintenance costs while maintaining efficient operations.

MSHA Certified Technicians

Our technicians at JC Data Solutions hold MSHA certification, a mandatory requirement for working on mining sites. This certification ensures they adhere to stringent safety standards and regulations specific to the mining industry. With MSHA-certified technicians, we guarantee that all IT management and technical support services are conducted safely and efficiently, minimizing risks and enhancing operational reliability in these challenging environments.

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Onsite & Offsite Support

Having both offsite and onsite tech support offers numerous advantages for your business. Offsite support allows our technicians to quickly access and resolve issues remotely, significantly reducing response times and minimizing your downtime. This efficiency saves your business valuable time and resources, as many problems can be fixed without the need for a physical visit. Onsite support, on the other hand, ensures that more complex issues requiring hands-on intervention are handled promptly and effectively. This dual approach ensures comprehensive coverage, providing rapid assistance when needed and thorough solutions for intricate technical challenges. All of our managed customers recieve unlimited offsite/onsite tech support whenever the Technology Monster rears its ugly head.

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Why Use A MSP?

The average cost of employing a full-time IT specialist, including benefits, insurance, and taxes, can vary based on several factors such as location, experience, and specific industry requirements. Generally, the cost for a full-time IT specialist in the United States is around $60,000 to $90,000 per year. When you include benefits such as health insurance, retirement contributions, and paid leave, along with legally required costs like Social Security and Medicare taxes, the total cost to the employer can increase significantly.

We can reduce these costs drastically while maintaining an intimate knowledge of your network and your staff. By hiring an MSP (Managed Service Provider) we essentially become your dedicated IT staff at a fraction of the cost.


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