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Managed IT

Managed IT refers to the practice of outsourcing proactive management responsibilities and functions of IT operations to a third-party service provider.

Network Security

Intrusion prevention for your business is paramount. Utilizing best-in-class perimeter protection technology will keep the hackers and electronic thieves from gaining access to your important data.

Structured Cabling

If you need cabling infrastructure for your project, let us help you with your cabling needs. From twisted-pair paging systems to fiber optic solutions, our factory-trained experts design, install, and test any type of communication deployment.

Data Protection

Protecting your organization with an onsite/offsite backup plan before catastrophic data failure strikes is the first step in protecting your business critical data.

Surveillance & Door Security

We offer professional surveillance and door security systems that ensure comprehensive security coverage for your building, both inside and out.

Industrial IT

Industrial IT encompasses the specialized management of information technology systems tailored to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments such as manufacturing, mining, and construction.




At JC Data, we provide a complete technological solution for businesses, covering all aspects of IT and telecommunications. With over 60 years of combined IT experience, our team delivers managed IT services that save you time and money. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, eliminating unnecessary expenses and ensuring your IT infrastructure is both cost-effective and secure. Our proactive approach ensures minimal downtime and rapid issue resolution, allowing your team to focus on core business activities without IT disruptions. Trust JC Data to provide a robust and reliable IT environment, empowering your business to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


JC Data Solutions has established strategic partnerships with leading ISPs and VoIP providers in our area. These alliances allow us to act on behalf of our customers, facilitating smoother communication and faster issue resolution with these essential service providers. By leveraging our strong relationships, we can negotiate better terms, ensure higher service quality, and provide seamless integration of internet and telecommunication services into your business operations. This added value translates into a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective IT and telecommunications infrastructure, further empowering your business to focus on its core activities without the hassle of managing multiple vendors.


We believe in building strong business relationships that last for years.

We believe in building long-term business relationships with our customers. By becoming a valued and loyal partner, you are able to budget your IT costs annually, thus strengthening our relationship and proving our commitment to you and protecting your assets.

The first step in our partnership is analyzing your current infrastructure and business applications, so that we can provide you with a technology plan that propels your business into the future, identifying your pain points and security risks to create a technology solution that reduces business risk and supports your long-term goals.



With 60+ years of combined experience, our staff has the knowledge and training necessary to be your trusted business solution partner.


We are proficient in all computer services, providing the wireless and wired network security solutions necessary to improve your bottom line.


We value our customers. We build a trusting relationship and provide the best customer service. We are committed to you and your business.



We will provide a powerful technology plan that will help your business in the future by reducing risk and by supporting long-term business goals


We pride ourselves with having the best customer service available. We train all of our staff to be personable and helpful in order to address your needs as quickly, politely, and efficiently as possible.